Lost re-watch | 6x11 | Happily Ever After

And just as I’m about to be engulfed by it, I open my eyes, and this sodding idiot is standing there…asking me if I’m okay. But I saw it. Just for a moment, I saw what it looked like.

fangirl challenge [10 male characters] daniel faraday, lost
the record is spinning again.

Lost re-watch | 6x8 | Recon


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lost meme: [02/10] characters → miles straume

"Where the hell did they go, tubby?"

"Oh, awesome, the ship sent us another Sawyer."

Lost Meme

↳  nine characters [8/9] - Hurley Reyes


Ana Lucia made a mistake." | Lost, 2.8: Collision

"Are you sure about this?"


lost + space